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Today, digital interactions
are marred by friction, risk,
and lack of control.

In the digital world, identification is frequently
irritating and insecure.

Organizations are overwhelmed with high-friction, high-cost
identity verification processes, new regulations, and the need to remedy data
breaches and to fight fraud.

They struggle to innovate while at the same time hardening
systems to prevent future attacks.

  • Increasing need for high-quality identity
  • New regulation and need for rapid
  • User expectations of simple, secure,
    private interactions

  • Risk of identity theft and loss of personal
  • Frustrating identity verification
  • Oversharing of data without

Introducing the ID network

ID is a multi-party, digital identity network that
provides individuals with the ability to create,
manage, and use a reusable digital identity across a
range of use cases.

The ID network enables organizations to provide more seamless digital interactions, reduce risk, and provide greater control to customers.

ID is a network designed for global interoperability. With ID, people can create a reusable digital identity that can be used globally across a range of use cases, while protecting their privacy.

ID is designed to support a range of private and public sector use cases.

  • Easy to use with reduced
  • Can be re-used across
    a range of use cases
  • Peace of mind as they control
    where and with whom data is
  • Can be used online and in person
  • More efficient way to verify
  • Improves customer experience
  • Eliminates manual and paper-
    based processes
  • Reduces risks of identity fraud
    and losses
  • Minimization of data on file
  • Extends relationship with
  • Increases user engagement
  • Access to global ID acceptance
  • Potential for new revenue

  • Single integration gives access
    to ID customer base
  • Easy participation to monetize
    identity data verification
  • Opportunity to extend services
    into other markets and use

The guiding principles of ID